Project Sekai MOD APK v2.6.0 (Auto Dance/Easy Mode)

App NameProject Sekai MOD APK
Genre Casual
Size 205M
Version 3.2.0
Requires Android5.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money, One Hit
Updated1 Hour Ago
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In the ever-evolving realm of mobile gaming, enthusiasts are constantly seeking ways to amplify their experience. One such endeavour has led to the creation of the Project Sekai Mod APK, a modification designed to augment the gameplay of the popular rhythm game Project Sekai: Colorful Stage!

Featuring an engaging blend of music, anime-style graphics, and a unique rhythm-based challenge, Project Sekai has captivated players worldwide. The Auto Clicker Mod APK emerges as a customized solution, promising to take the gaming experience to new heights.

History of the Game:

Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! Debuted in 2020, captivating fans with its dynamic fusion of rhythm gaming and anime aesthetics. Developed by Craft Egg and SEGA, the game quickly gained popularity for its engaging gameplay, diverse song catalogues, and appealing character designs.

As the player community grew, so did the demand for innovative ways to enhance the gaming experience, leading to the development of the Project Sekai Mod APK.


At its core, Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! is a rhythm game that challenges players to tap, slide, and hold notes in sync with the music. The game features an extensive song library, including tracks from popular Vocaloid and virtual YouTuber characters.

Players can also create and customize their virtual bands, adding a personal touch to the gaming experience. The Auto Clicker Mod APK aims to streamline the gameplay by automating certain actions, offering a tailored solution for players seeking a more relaxed or customized gaming experience.



Project Sekai Mod APK introduces a range of features designed to enhance the player’s control and enjoyment. These include customizable auto-click settings, precision controls, and the ability to adjust click speed and intensity.

Additionally, the mod offers an optimized user interface, ensuring seamless integration with the original game without compromising functionality.

Auto-Click Customization:

The Project Sekai Premium APK allows players to customize the auto-click feature according to their preferences. This includes the ability to adjust the number of clicks per second, creating a personalized rhythm that complements the player’s unique style.

Precision Controls:

The mod introduces precision controls, offering players a high level of accuracy when using the auto-click function. This ensures that the automated clicks align seamlessly with the rhythm of the game, maintaining the integrity of the gameplay.

Click Speed Adjustment:

Users can fine-tune the speed of the auto-click to match their skill level and comfort. Whether players prefer a slower, more relaxed pace or a faster, more intense rhythm, the click speed adjustment feature allows for a tailored gaming experience.

Seamless Integration:

One of the key highlights of the mod is its seamless integration with the original Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! Game. Players can enjoy the benefits of the auto-clicker without sacrificing the core gaming experience, ensuring that the mod enhances rather than disrupts the immersive world of Project Sekai.

Seamless Integration

Mod Features:

Customizable Auto-Click Patterns:

The mod goes beyond basic auto-click functionality by offering customizable patterns. Players can define specific sequences of clicks to match the intricacies of different songs, providing a more nuanced and immersive gaming experience.

Smart Click Recognition:

To further enhance precision, the mod incorporates smart click recognition technology. This feature ensures that the auto-clicker responds intelligently to different note types, adapting to the diverse challenges presented by Project Sekai’s dynamic gameplay.

User-Friendly Interface:

The mod comes with an optimized user interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. This user-friendly design ensures that players can effortlessly access and adjust the various settings, even if they are new to using mods.

User-Friendly Interface:

Compatibility with Updates:

The developers of the Project Sekai Mod APK are committed to ensuring compatibility with future updates of the original game. This dedication allows players to enjoy the latest content and features without worrying about the mod becoming obsolete.

Safety Measures:

The mod includes safety measures to prevent any unintended consequences. This includes features to minimize the risk of account bans or adverse effects on the device. The developers prioritize the security and stability of the modded experience.

How to Download and Install the Project Sekai Mod APK:

  • Visit a trusted source or the official website offering the Project Sekai Gold APK.
  • Download the APK file to your mobile device.
  • Ensure that your device allows installations from unknown sources by adjusting your security settings.
  • Install the modded APK file by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Launch Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! and experience the enhanced gameplay with the Auto Clicker Mod.

Project Sekai Mod APK FAQs:

Q: What is the Project Sekai Mod APK?

A: The Project Sekai Mod APK is a modified version of the original Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! The game is designed to enhance the gameplay experience by introducing features such as customizable auto-click settings, precision controls, and other optimizations.

Q: Is the Project Sekai Mod APK safe to use?

A: When downloaded from reputable sources, the mod is generally safe to use. However, users should exercise caution and ensure they are obtaining the mod from trustworthy websites to avoid potential security risks. Always follow best practices for downloading and installing third-party applications.

Q: Can I use the Auto Clicker Mod APK on iOS devices?

A: No, the Project Sekai Mod APK is specifically designed for Android devices. iOS users will need to explore alternative options, as mods are generally not compatible with Apple’s operating system.

Q: Will using the mod result in a ban or penalties for my account?

A: While the developers of the mod strive to create a safe and secure experience, using any mod carries some risk. Altering the game files can violate the terms of service, potentially leading to penalties such as account suspension or banning. Users are advised to use mods responsibly and be aware of the risks involved.

Q: How does the Auto-Click Customization work?

A: The Auto-Click Customization feature allows players to adjust the settings of the auto-click function to suit their preferences. This includes determining the number of clicks per second and providing a personalized and flexible approach to automating in-game actions.

Q: Can I still receive game updates after installing the mod?

A: The developers of the Project Sekai Mod APK strive to ensure compatibility with the latest updates of the original game. However, users should be aware that updates to the mod itself may be required to maintain functionality with new releases of Project Sekai: Colorful Stage!

Q: How do I uninstall the Project Sekai Mod APK?

A: To uninstall the mod, go to your device’s settings, navigate to the application manager or installed apps, find the Project Sekai Mod APK, and select the uninstall option. After uninstalling, you can reinstall the original Project Sekai game from the official app store.

Q: Is the Project Sekai Mod APK compatible with all versions of the game?

A: The mod developers aim to maintain compatibility with different versions of Project Sekai: Colorful Stage!, but users should check for updates to the mod when the game receives significant updates to ensure a seamless experience.

Q: Can I use the Auto Clicker Mod APK in online multiplayer modes?

A: It is generally advised not to use mods in online multiplayer modes to avoid potential conflicts with the game’s anti-cheat systems. Using mods in such modes may lead to penalties, including account suspension.

Q: Where can I find a trustworthy source to download the Project Sekai Mod APK?

A: Users should only download mods from reputable sources or the official website of the mod developers to minimize security risks. Avoiding third-party websites with unverified APK files is crucial to ensuring the safety and integrity of the modded experience.



The Project Sekai Mod APK emerges as a creative solution for players seeking to customize their Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! Experience. By offering enhanced control and automation features, the mod adds a layer of personalization to the game, catering to a diverse community of rhythm gaming enthusiasts.

As with any mod, users are advised to download from reputable sources and enjoy the augmented experience responsibly.

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