Jurassic Survival Mod APK v2.7.1 (One Hit/God Mode )

App NameJurassic Survival Mod APK
PublisherMishka Production UK
Genre Action
Size 65M
Version 2.7.1
Requires Android6.0 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Gold
Updated3 Hour Ago
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Welcome to the thrilling world of “Jurassic Survival Mod APK,” a game that combines the dinosaurs’ excitement with survival’s challenges. This game has become a hit on Android platforms, drawing players into a prehistoric adventure where strategy, cunning, and quick reflexes are key to staying alive.

Overview of the Game

“Jurassic Survival” plunges you into a mysterious island teeming with dinosaurs and untold mysteries. After a shipwreck, you find yourself stranded in this daunting world. Your goal is to survive by collecting resources, crafting tools, and building a shelter.

The island is home to a variety of dinosaurs, some of which you can tame to aid in your survival. However, the threat of being eaten is ever-present, making every decision a matter of life and death.

Realistic Gameplay

The game offers a realistic survival experience by requiring players to manage hunger and thirst, fend off predatory dinosaurs, and build shelters for protection. You’ll need to craft weapons and gather food, all while staying vigilant to the dangers that lurk around every corner9.

Certainly, I can elaborate on the features and mod features of Jurassic Survival Premium APK in detail:


1. Diverse Dinosaur Encounters:

In Jurassic Survival, you encounter a wide range of dinosaurs, each with unique behaviors and characteristics. Some dinosaurs pose a significant threat, ready to attack if you wander into their territory. However, the game also introduces an element of strategy and cooperation with certain dinosaurs that can be tamed.

Taming these creatures can provide significant advantages, such as assistance in carrying heavy resources or aiding in combat against hostile dinosaurs. The process of taming is intricate and risky, as there’s always a chance of being attacked during the attempt. This feature adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay, making the interaction with dinosaurs a mix of danger and opportunity.

2. Critical Resource Gathering:

Survival on the dinosaur island requires careful resource management. Players must constantly seek out food and water to maintain their health. The island is abundant with resources, but gathering them is fraught with danger, as predators lurk in the wilderness.

Players must strategize about when and where to gather resources, balancing the risk of encountering dinosaurs with the necessity of obtaining food and drink. This aspect of the game emphasizes the survival theme, as players must think and act like a person struggling to survive in a hostile environment.

3. Shelter Building:

Building a safe haven is crucial for survival in Jurassic Survival. Players need to collect materials scattered around the island to construct shelters. These structures provide safety from predatory dinosaurs, especially during the night when the danger increases.

The building aspect of the game is not just about creating a physical structure but also about planning and strategizing the layout and defenses of your shelter. Players must consider the location, materials, and the type of defenses like fences, which are critical to keep out larger dinosaurs.

4. Crafting System:

The crafting system in Jurassic Survival is comprehensive and integral to the gameplay. Players start with basic tools and gradually craft more advanced equipment and weapons. Crafting is essential for both survival and combat.

Players can create weapons for defense against dinosaurs, tools for gathering resources more efficiently, and items for improving their shelters. The progression in crafting reflects the player’s survival journey, starting from basic survival to a more advanced and secure lifestyle on the island.

Mod Features

1. High Damage to Enemies:

This mod feature allows players to inflict significantly higher damage on enemies, including dinosaurs. This elevated damage level can be a game-changer, especially in challenging combat situations. It reduces the time and resources needed to fend off dangerous predators, allowing for a more aggressive playstyle.

2. Enemies Cannot Move:

With this feature, enemies in the game are immobilized. This significantly lowers the difficulty of the game, as stationary enemies are easier to evade or attack. It provides an advantage, especially for new or casual players who may find the standard gameplay challenging.

3. Crafting from the First Level:

This feature unlocks all crafting options from the beginning of the game, bypassing the usual progression system. Players can craft advanced tools and weapons right from the start, giving them a significant advantage in both survival and combat scenarios.

4. Magic Splits (Duplicate Items by Splitting):

This unique feature allows players to duplicate items by splitting them. It effectively provides an unlimited supply of certain resources, reducing the need for extensive resource gathering and allowing players to focus on other aspects of the game.

5. Free Building and Crafting:

The mod removes any resource requirements for building and crafting. Players can construct shelters and craft items without the need to gather the necessary materials, significantly easing the survival aspect of the game.

6. Unlock All Item Crafts:

This feature unlocks every craftable item in the game, providing players with immediate access to all tools, weapons, and building materials. It allows for a more diverse and creative gameplay experience, as players are not restricted by their progression level.

7. Unlimited Coins (Increase When Spent):

Players have an infinite amount of in-game currency, which increases instead of decreasing when spent. This allows for unrestricted purchasing of items and resources within the game.

8. Infinite Durability:

Items in the game do not wear out or break, allowing players to use their tools and weapons indefinitely without the need for repairs or replacements.

Each of these features significantly alters the gameplay experience, offering a less challenging but more exploratory and creative way to enjoy “Jurassic Survival.”

How to Install Jurassic Survival Mod APK

To install the mod, follow these steps:

1. Enable the Unknown Sources option on your device.
2. Download the Jurassic Survival Gold APK from a reliable source.
3. Save the file in your device’s download folder.
4. Click on the downloaded file to install it.
5. Once installed, open the game and start playing.

Here are some FAQs for “Jurassic Survival Mod APK”:

1. What is Jurassic Survival Mod APK?

Jurassic Survival Mod APK is a modified version of the original Jurassic Survival game. It includes additional features not found in the standard version, such as enhanced damage, free crafting, and unlimited resources.

2. Is it safe to download and install Jurassic Survival Mod APK?

While mod APKs can offer exciting features, they should be downloaded cautiously. Always use trusted sources to avoid security risks. However, downloading mod APKs can sometimes violate the game’s terms of service and might lead to account suspension.

3. Can I play Jurassic Survival Mod APK offline?

Jurassic Survival primarily requires an internet connection for its multiplayer features. However, some aspects of the game might be accessible offline.

4. How do I tame dinosaurs in the game?

Taming dinosaurs involves approaching them cautiously and providing specific items that each dinosaur prefers. The process can be risky, as dinosaurs might attack during the attempt.

5. What should I do first when I start playing Jurassic Survival?

Initially, focus on gathering basic resources like wood and stone, crafting essential tools, and building a simple shelter to protect yourself from dinosaurs.

6. Can I play with friends in Jurassic Survival?

Yes, Jurassic Survival offers multiplayer features where you can collaborate with friends to survive, build, and explore the island together.

7. What are the main challenges in Jurassic Survival?

The main challenges include managing resources, defending against predatory dinosaurs, building and maintaining shelters, and exploring the island to uncover its mysteries.

8. Will my progress be saved in the mod version?

Progress should be saved as in the regular game, but this can vary depending on the source of the mod APK and how it modifies the game.

9. How often is Jurassic Survival Mod APK updated?

This depends on the mod developers. It’s essential to keep track of updates to ensure compatibility with the game’s latest version.

10. Are there any penalties for using mod features in the game?

Using mod features can sometimes be against the game’s terms of service, and there might be risks of account suspension or banning.

Always remember to enjoy games responsibly and respect the creators’ terms of service. Mod APKs should be used cautiously and ethically.


Jurassic Survival Mod APK is an exhilarating survival game that brings the prehistoric world to your fingertips. With its realistic gameplay, variety of features, and the added benefits of the mod version, it provides an immersive experience for anyone interested in survival games and the age of dinosaurs.

Whether you’re crafting tools, taming beasts, or building a fortress, every action you take is a step towards mastering the art of survival in the Jurassic era.

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