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App NameDead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK
PublisherBehaviour Interactive
Genre Action
Size 198M
Version 1.256799.256799
Requires Android7.0 and up
MOD Features Unlocked Characters and Perks
Updated1 Hour Ago
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Gaming has evolved significantly over the years, and with the rise of mobile gaming, players can now experience thrilling, heart pounding moments right from the palms of their hands. One such game that has captured the imagination of horror enthusiasts is Dead by Daylight, a popular asymmetric survival horror title. While the mobile version of the game is a hit in its own right, some players seek to enhance their gaming experience with modded versions.

Reviews as a User

Dead by Daylight Mobile has garnered a dedicated fan base since its launch, delivering the same spine-tingling experience as its PC and console counterparts. As a user, the mobile version impressively translates the terrifying atmosphere, intense gameplay, and asymmetrical multiplayer concept onto smaller screens.

It offers a balanced experience, allowing players to take on the roles of both survivors and killers. The game’s graphics and audio design maintain the eerie ambiance, while its core gameplay mechanics provide the necessary challenge.

Review as a user of Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK


The core gameplay of Dead by Daylight Mobile mirrors its desktop version. In this game, you can either play as one of the survivors or take on the role of the killer. Survivors must work together to repair generators and escape while avoiding the killer who is hunting them down.

The killers, on the other hand, must capture and ultimately sacrifice the survivors to the sinister Entity. This exciting cat-and-mouse gameplay keeps players engaged and on their toes.

Gameplay of Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK

Certainly, let’s delve into the features and mod features of Dead by Daylight Mobile in more detail.

Features of Dead by Daylight Mobile:

1. Iconic Characters:

The mobile version of the game includes a roster of both licensed and original characters. Iconic killers like Michael Myers from Halloween and Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street and survivors such as Laurie Strode and Claudette Morel bring the essence of popular horror franchises to the game.

2. Maps and Environments:

Dead by Daylight Mobile features various maps with unique layouts and settings. Each map offers a distinct environment, layout, and challenges, ensuring that gameplay remains diverse and engaging.

3. Character Progression:

Players can level up their characters by earning Bloodpoints, the ingame currency. This progression system allows you to unlock new perks, abilities, and customization options for your survivors and killers, enabling you to tailor your playstyle.

4. Customization:

Players can customize their characters with various cosmetics, outfits, and weapon skins, allowing for a personalized appearance. These cosmetics can be acquired through ingame progression, purchases, or events.

5. Multiplayer Mode:

The game offers a multiplayer experience where you can team up with friends or join matches with strangers. Coordination, communication, and teamwork are key aspects of surviving and escaping together.

6. Events and Updates:

The developers regularly release updates and ingame events to keep the experience fresh and engaging. Events often come with unique challenges, rewards, and limitedtime cosmetics.

Features of Dead by Daylight Mobile

Mod Features of Dead by Daylight Mobile:

1. Unlocking Characters and Perks:

Modded APKs often allow players to unlock characters, perks, and outfits without the need for extensive grinding. This feature provides immediate access to various ingame content, which may otherwise require time and effort to acquire.

2. Increased InGame Currency:

Modded versions might provide players with a higher amount of in-game currency (Blood points), expediting character progression and unlocking perks and customization items.

3. Enhanced Graphics and Reduced Lag:

Some modded APKs may optimize the game’s graphics settings, reducing lag and ensuring a smoother gaming experience. This can be especially helpful for players with low-end devices.

4. No Cooldowns for Abilities and Skills:

Modded versions can remove cooldowns on abilities, making the game characters more powerful by allowing them to use their special skills without restrictions. This can provide a significant advantage in matches.

5. Customizable Aspects:

Mod features often include options to customize aspects of the game, such as adjusting game settings, changing the field of view, or even altering game mechanics. This level of customization can cater to individual preferences and playstyles.

6 Take Advantage of Everything:

Dead by Daylight Mobile offers a comprehensive gaming experience. With its range of characters, maps, and customization options, players can truly take advantage of everything the game has to offer. Whether you enjoy strategic survival or embodying the role of a relentless killer, the game caters to various playstyles.

7. Hunting for Prey:

One of the game’s core features is the thrilling hunt for prey. As a killer, you’ll be stalking survivors through eerie environments, employing unique abilities and tactics to capture and ultimately sacrifice them to the Entity. The tension and excitement of these pursuits are a standout feature of Dead by Daylight Mobile.

8. Many Choices:

The game’s diverse cast of killers and survivors, each with their own distinct abilities and backstories, provides players with a wealth of choices. From stealthy survivors to brutal killers, Dead by Daylight Mobile allows you to explore an array of gameplay styles.

9. Deep Progression System:

Dead by Daylight Mobile boasts a deep and rewarding progression system. By earning Blood points through gameplay, you can level up characters, unlock new perks, and personalize your play style. This system encourages long-term engagement and character development.

10. Play as Iconic Characters:

Fans of horror franchises will appreciate the opportunity to play iconic characters from renowned movies and books. Embody the likes of Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and other well-known figures from the horror genre, bringing their unique abilities into the game.

11. He Kills and Survives in Style:

The game’s aesthetic design and customization options allow players to make their characters truly their own. Survivors can outfit themselves with diverse clothing items, while killers can wield menacing weapons and adopt chilling appearances. This emphasis on personal style adds an extra layer of immersion to the gameplay.

12. Different Modes Match:

Dead by Daylight Mobile offers a variety of game modes, from the traditional 1v4 mode to special events and limited time challenges. These different modes provide fresh experiences and keep the gameplay engaging for both new and experienced players.

13. He Survives as a Legendary Player:

Becoming a legendary player in Dead by Daylight Mobile is no small feat. Success requires skill, strategy, and perhaps a touch of luck. Surviving as a legendary player means mastering the art of evasion and teamwork or embracing the role of the killer with deadly efficiency.

Mod Features of Dead by Daylight Mobile

How to Install the Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK

Please note that using modded APKs can violate the terms of service of the game and may lead to bans. Here’s a general outline of how to install a modded APK, but proceed with caution and at your own risk:

1. Download the modded APK from a trusted source.
2. Enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” option in your device’s settings.
3. Locate the downloaded APK file and install it.
4. After installation, launch the game and enjoy the modded features.


1. Is Dead by Daylight Mobile available for iOS devices?

Yes, Dead by Daylight Mobile is available for both Android and iOS devices. Players can download it from their respective app stores.

2. Can I play Dead by Daylight Mobile on my PC or console?

No, Dead by Daylight Mobile is specifically designed for mobile devices. The game has a separate version for PC and consoles.

3. What are the risks of using a modded APK for Dead by Daylight Mobile?

Using modded APKs can lead to various risks, including the possibility of being banned from the game, exposure to malware or security threats, and game instability. Modding often violates the game’s terms of service.

4. Are there official modding or custom content tools available for Dead by Daylight Mobile?

No, the developers do not officially support or provide tools for modding Dead by Daylight Mobile. Any modded versions are typically unofficial and created by third parties.

5. How can I report a player using a modded APK to the game’s developers?

The game’s developers usually have a reporting system in place to report suspicious or cheating players. Look for the in-game reporting option or contact their support for assistance.

6. Can I use a modded APK to unlock paid content for free in Dead by Daylight Mobile?

Modded APKs that unlock paid content for free are not only against the game’s terms of service but may also be illegal. It’s important to respect the developers’ efforts and support the game through legitimate means.

7. Is it possible to transfer progress from the PC or console version of Dead by Daylight to the mobile version?

Progress cannot be transferred between platforms. The mobile version operates separately, and there is no cross-platform progression.

8. Are there any legal consequences for using modded APKs for Dead by Daylight Mobile?

While using modded APKs may not result in legal consequences, it can lead to actions such as account bans, which affect your ability to play the game. It’s essential to abide by the game’s terms of service.

9. What can I do to enhance my gameplay in Dead by Daylight Mobile without using modded APKs?

To enhance your gameplay, focus on learning the game mechanics, mastering the abilities of your chosen characters, collaborating with teammates, and utilizing ingame strategies. You can also invest in ingame purchases to support the developers and unlock cosmetic items.

10. Where can I find legitimate and official information about Dead by Daylight Mobile updates and events?

To stay informed about official updates and events, visit the Dead by Daylight Mobile’s official website, social media channels, or in-game announcements. These sources provide reliable information about the game’s latest developments.

Remember that while modded versions may offer shortcuts and enhancements, they come with potential risks. It’s advisable to carefully consider the consequences and safety implications before choosing to use modded APKs for Dead by Daylight Mobile.


Dead by Daylight Mobile Free APK offers players an opportunity to tweak their gaming experience and access various enhancements. While it can be tempting to use modded versions for shortcuts, it’s important to remember that such actions can come with consequences. Proceed at your own risk and consider the impact on your gaming experience and account.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but the game’s original version offers a thrilling, challenging experience on its own, and it’s worth exploring both the survivor and killer roles without shortcuts or alterations.

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